Why Sell My Car to Cash for Cars Los Angeles

Reasons To Sell Us Your Car

Selling your car privately can be dangerous, time Consuming, and expensive... Here's why:

  • Do you really want to release your personal information to a complete stranger?
  • A complete stranger test driving your car can be dangerous, especially with you in the car
  • When you sell your car to us there is no need pay registration, no need to get a smog certificate. You are releasing liability to a trusted licensed car dealer.
  • Advertising costs can be expensive and writing an ad is a pain. Answering phone calls and scheduling meetings is time consuming. Sometimes buyers dont even show up and make ridiculous offers via text message.
  • Problems with your car that you don’t have the time or money to fix.
  • No need to worry about getting scammed off. We pay cash.

Keeping Your Personal Information Secure.

Giving out your home address to a person you don’t know can be dangerous. Since you are trusting this person, you give out your schedule of times you will be home and your address. You released information to a person who may not be as honest as you. This gives them the opportunity to know when you are not home. I think you get the point. Say something goes wrong with the car you may get a visit from an upset buyer with a bad temper. Also they have your phone number which can lead to harassing phone calls. When you sell your car to Venice Cash for Cars you can feel safe that we handle every car purchase with complete integrity and take liability for the car that day, leaving you with peace of mind that all liability is released from you.

Having a Stranger Test Drive Your Car Can Be Dangerous.

When a complete stranger comes to see your car their going to want to go on a test drive. People that test drive cars want to drive your car harder then they would their own, of course you are in it with them as you don’t want them to leave with it not knowing where they are going. They could possibly get in an accident with or without you in the car. From experience being in a car accident with your own car while some stranger is driving it, is no fun. Of course there is the smelly stranger factor. There is nothing worse then spending time in close quarters with someone who smells or has stinky breath…

Venice Cash for Cars is a family owned business. We strive to make you feel at ease.

How Do You Get Paid Securely?

Money Transactions are always a point of tension. No one wants to take a personal check. Most people are not set up to take credit cards. Which leaves only two options. One is a bank check or money orders. Who carries around these type of checks in the exact amount of your car. With the invention of Photoshop its easy for con artists to create forged money orders and bank checks. When you deposit the check it bounces in a couple of days. Not to mention that the bank drops you because they assume you are trying to commit check fraud. To cap it off your car is gone no where to be found. Last but not least the transacting of cash with a stranger has its own set of problems. This one we can leave up to your imagination… 

The answer is Venice Cash for Cars a licensed and bonded California Car Dealer That has been in business in the same location for over forty years.

Registration, Smog Certificate, Transfer And Release of Liability.

When you sell a car privately in California it is the owners responsibility to smog the car within 90 days of the date of sale. So what if it won’t pass? Maybe the check engine light is on. Thats going to be expensive, right? What if your car is not registered? What if its many months out of registration? Well sounds like another expense you don’t want to pay. Then there is your liability attached to the car. A release of liability doesn’t alway work the way it should. Maybe it gets lost in the mail or the DMV doesn’t get in time before the buyer runs a red light or gets in to a hit and run. Chances are this wont happen, but why take that chance. You can probably prove to the judge that it wasn’t you. But it will cost you time and money. 

At Venice Cash for Cars none of this matters. We buy cars without a smog certificate, and out of registration. We also release you from all liability when we add the car to our inventory.

What If Your Cars Has Mechanical Problems?

So you find out you need to repair your car again and you cant afford to fix it. There may even be a problem with your car you don’t know about yet. Say you sell your car and it breaks down the next day. The person who bought your car is going to want their money back or even worse they may want to get back at you. Not every one you deal with is as forgiving as you are or as sane. Catch the drift! That’s why when you sell your car to us it is “As-Is”. We take liability for the car the moment it is signed over to us. Meaning you get to walk away and get on with your life.

Expensive Advertising, Lost Time, And Writing An Ad.

Lets be honest its not every day that you try to sell your car. Writing an ad can be difficult, time consuming, and can cost money you don’t really have to spare. Lets just face it your car may not be that desirable. Thats where Venice Cash for Cars comes in. We make you a cash offer, take your car as is and make it road worthy at our own expense. Also you don’t have to deal with selling your car to strangers on the internet. It’s hassle free, and quick CASH to pay bills or go on that vacation you’ve been needing for so long.